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What should I look for in a tool bag?

What should I look for in a tool bag?

When looking for a tool bag, think about what you need and what’s more important to you. Here is a quick guide to help you choose:


A tool bag needs to be fit for purpose. It needs sufficient storage for all of the tools you need for each job.  Size, style and construction material must all be considered.

Size and capacity:

Consider how many tools the bag can hold and if your larger tools will fit. Size does matter when it comes to tool bags. Everything needs to fit comfortably, but there’s no point carrying around more than you need.


Probably one of the most important considerations is that a tool bag needs to work with you, not against you. Tools should be easily found and retrieved, saving time and frustration. It is also important that tools cannot be knocked or fall out of the bag.


Tool bags can have a solid handle, soft handles, a shoulder strap or be a backpack style. Which of these you choose may relate to how you carry a tool bag, the need to be hands free versus quick and easy access, or how it is stored when not in use.


Tool bags are made in leather, canvas, plastic, nylon or metal (see our BPRO Cordura range). Consider the environment in which the tool bag will be used and if it needs to be weather-proof, rust proof, lightweight or sturdy. Working outdoors would indicate a need for a waterproof tool bag (this is where our Cordura bags are the perfect solution), while constant moving of tools in and out of work vehicles may require a more robust bag (see our leather range).


The straps or handles should be comfortable and supportive for carrying your tool bag. Padded handles or adjustable straps to help evenly distribute the weight will make all the difference.


Compartments and pockets in the right combination will be an important consideration. Does the bag have a place for everything you need, and can tools be retrieved quickly and easily?


There are many affordable options available, but ultimately, budget will inform choice,

Investing in the highest quality bag you can afford will pay off in the long run. A tool bag that provides excellent protection for tools and the best comfort for the user, along with high functionality and strength, will be the right bag for you.