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What is the difference between a tool belt and tool pouch and why does it matter?

What is the difference between a tool belt and tool pouch and why does it matter?

When working on the tools, a tool belt or tool pouch is a necessary part of any tradie’s job and will ensure you have the necessary equipment to complete a task while remaining hands free. But what’s the difference between a tool belt and a tool pouch?

Understanding their differences will help you choose the correct one for your needs.

Tool Belt

A tool belt, as its name implies, is a belt worn around the waist. It is constructed with pockets or pouches attached to it for holding various tools.

A variety of belts are available with different sizes and numbers of pockets. They can be made of leather, canvas or nylon (check out our BPRO Cordura range) and will have either a zip closure or a flap.

Tool Pouch

A tool pouch differs considerably, in that it is a separate item that attaches to a belt or clips to a waistband. Usually, a pouch will have fewer pockets than a tool belt, making it less bulky.

Tool pouches are useful for jobs that require a smaller number of tools and as such, they are lighter and easier to carry. They have a zip closure or flap and are generally made of leather, nylon or canvas.

Choosing between a tool belt or tool pouch will usually be guided by personal preference and consideration of the job requirements.

Heavier jobs and those needing a variety of tools may generally require a tool belt. Weight distribution may be a consideration. In this case, a tool belt will provide an even distribution around the body and provide support for the lower back. A tool pouch will work for smaller tasks, being less cumbersome and enabling greater mobility while being less likely to get in the way. It may also be more comfortable.

If you are still stuck on which one to choose, consider the following:

  • Size  how many tools do you need to carry on you?
  • Capacity  how much space do you need?
  • The way it is worn  how do you like to wear your tool accessories?
  • Job requirements  how flexible do you need to be on the job?
  • Material  leader or cordura?
  • Closure method – do you prefer a zip or flap?
  • Comfort
  • Convenience

Taking each of these aspects into account will help you select the right tool belt or tool pouch for your work requirements.

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