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The Top 3 Tool Bags for Homeowners, DIYers, Contractors and Skilled Workers

The Top 3 Tool Bags for Homeowners, DIYers, Contractors and Skilled Workers

Because they are so useful while working, tool bags are something every DIYer, homeowner and professional tradie should have in their arsenal. Tool bags are understandably popular because they allow you to carry and organise all of your tools in one handy place. This means you don’t waste valuable time or lose your rhythm when you are looking for a certain item.

Tooling requirements can vary depending on the profession and industry. Nevertheless, a clever tool bag design can accommodate all the needs of various tradespeople from builders and construction workers to electricians, plumbers and handymen.

It’s worth pointing out that there are different types of tool bags, such as tool belt suspenders, work belts, miners belt suspenders, nail bags, tool belts and tool pouches and people can use these terms interchangeably. 

3 of the Best Tool Bags that Make Working Easier 


Ultimate Nail Bag (The Best Overall)

This tool/nail bag is a standalone asset and many people consider it as the ultimate leather tool/nail bag. It offers a variety of storage compartments including a speed square pocket, a hidden Velcro pocket to store valuables, index bit holders, tool sleeves, a mobile phone pouch and more. All this makes it simple to carry various tools in one convenient place.  

The bag is made from the finest European cow nubuck leather and features multiple metal rivets for reinforcement. Even when you place heavy tools in the bag, you’ll have no trouble carrying it around. We believe it is the best on the market today, plus it comes with a comprehensive warranty.

The benefits:

  • Finest European cow nubuck leather 
  • All seams are heavy-duty and double-stitched 
  • Pressure-fitted German rivets 
  • Hand-finished 
  • Pliable and water-resistant material 
  • Ideal for long-term storage 
  • Good value for money 

Leather Tool Apron

BUILDPRO tool belts, miners belts, work belts or tool aprons are supreme quality and come with various handy components. These tool belts/aprons are made from premium European cow nubuck leather and BUILDPRO uses a unique blend of oils and dyes to tan the leather. All leather is produced using environmentally friendly processes. 

All BUILDPRO products are designed for optimal usability with pockets that allow for easy access to tools. This option is ideal if you are looking for a tool apron or tool belt suspenders because it is designed for professionals who need a bag that can hold a variety of tools and nails in different compartments. You can also use it with high-visibility suspenders from BUILDPRO. It is robust and well-designed and makes an excellent present. 

The benefits:

  • Multiple pockets and holders 
  • Durable German rivets 
  • Made of top-grain nubuck leather 
  • Tanned with quality oils and waxes 

Nail Bag – 3 Clip, 3 Pocket, Speed Square Pocket

This nail bag or tool pouch was specifically developed for a variety of industry professionals. It is crafted from European cow nubuck leather that has been oil-tanned and features rust-resistant German rivets and heavy-duty stitching. The large pockets offer plenty of room to store tools required for most projects. 

The tool pouch/bag is convenient for every job that you take on is worth checking out.

The benefits:

  • Crafted from oil-tanned European cow nubuck leather 
  • Numerous tool holders 
  • Pressure-fitted rivets 
  • Quality craftsmanship in each detail 

Final Thoughts 

Workflow is highly important when it comes to the quality of craftsmanship and delivering a service on time. You won’t be able to manage this unless you have all the necessary equipment at your disposal. Much like a surgeon needs to keep all their vital tools within arm’s reach, a skilled professional must have all their tools in tool bags, a tool belt with tool belt suspenders, or a work belt with suspenders.

To ensure you get tool bag that’s right for you and that you can rely on for years to come, buy from a reputable brand such as BUILDPRO